Bonabyl : A Frightful Comic Adventure by Manek D’Silva



December 4, 2018:

Aaaand that brings us to the end of chapter 1. It’s been terrifying but I’m so happy to have reached this landmark in my comic journey, please tell me what you think of it so far, which characters you’re connecting with or what you’re excited to see. And thank you so much for reading, knowing that I’m causing excitement in someone’s head somewhere in the world is the most incredible motivation an artist can have.

There won’t be new pages next week, I’m gonna need some time to make this a physical book, while also tightening my script and plan for volume 2 before I jump in sometime early next year. I’d love to keep in touch and tell you about progress and share some art goodies now and then, so do subscribe to the mailing list here.

See you on the other side!