Bonabyl : A Frightful Comic Adventure by Manek D’Silva



November 14, 2017:

Following instructions doesn’t seem to be Miro’s forte.

There’s been some exciting news, as of last month Bonabyl joined SpiderForest, a collective of amazing webcomics of all genres and styles. If you’d be so kind as to take a gander at the top of this here webpage, you’ll find a dynamic banner recommending comics that you might not have read yet. Cue uncontrollable cheers.

One of the classics currently on the SpiderForest network is The Demon Archives, a long running post-apocalyptic webcomic with mech suits. And if you’re looking for some delicious art, Folklore has an absolutely stunning painterly style. But there are just so many great ones out there, so click on through to find your new favourite webcomic!