Bonabyl : A Frightful Comic Adventure by Manek D’Silva



January 16, 2018:

It’s weird taking such a long hiatus in the middle of a fight scene, cuz when you get back all the characters are paused in time, and you do another page and voila suddenly they’re back to life!

The last panel of this page was a tough decision, because it brings into question how gory I really want to make this. When I started out a few years ago, I was all about that gore, and there will definitely be blood like in the vampire scene. But now that I’m actually here stabbing characters in the face, I went ahead and used an abstract yellow, somehow that seemed to fit the colour scheme to symbolise monster pain. I haven’t really decided, but I think doing some amount of abstraction will help keep my pages from looking like a Quentin Tarantino film. Tell me what you think though!